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I’m fully sure there would be no one who isn’t familiar with CS: GO. Whether you love playing FPS games or are a huge fan of Battle Royale titles, once in your life you might have had played CS: GO.

Now, the browser-based version of the most popular game is available to play. If you don’t have any problem with average graphics, then it would be your most-loved game.

The introduction of new weapons, maps, and characters may take your gaming experience to the next level.

Start playing the game with nothing, except a basic revolve and a melee weapon, knife. Find your targets and eliminate them with the help of your teammates to achieve victory.

Playing FPS games isn’t easy because you should be a master in making a perfect aim, act timely, and eliminate the enemies before they eliminate you.

Quick reflexes are required and you must be cooperative when it comes to your team. Never miss out on a single chance of eliminating the enemies whether you are playing a group of cops or in a team of terrorists.

Both teams have their unique agendas and a series of challenging missions that must be fulfilled before the game ends. Furthermore, 1.6 Counter-Strike Online is a fan-made version that includes lots of new challenges, characters, weapons, and equipment.

download 2021 1.6 Counter-Strike: Update Logs

In this article, we will let you know about 1.6 CS Online update logs that can be download via Steam only.

The first update was released on 16 January 2003 and included the following changes and additions:

• Revised User-interface

• Spam Check Command

• Addition of Two New Rifles (Clarion and IDF Defender)

• Glock Damage Slightly

• Added Zoom and Health

• Improved Load Times

• Removed Command “Dem_edit”

• Bug Fixes

• Changed CVARS

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