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MasterServer is a server which provides online Counter-strike 1.6 game servers list that appears on the same game server browser search.

Basic server's IP address is listed in the file C: \ Games \ Counter-Strike \ platform \ config \ MasterServers.vdf, Steam: C: \ Games \ Steam \ config \ MasterServers.vdf

There are three main master servers:

1. Steam masterserver is the official masterserver from Valve;

2. SETTI masterserver - is a pirate masterserver that contains a list of non-steams servers that do not require a licensed game;

3. Other Non Steam masterservers are other pirate masterservers that have other non-Steam servers list .

Steam masterserver is the official Valve masterserver, which is informed of any running server licensed games.

As soon as you start the server with a licensed game, all the data on your server comes to the official Steam masterserver.

All players who have licensed the Steam client receives a server list from the official Steam masterservers.

Steam players finding servers on the internet will not cause any trouble finding servers and Non Steam players can be in error: "Unable to connect to the main server" or "Can not determine the root server addresses. Server browser will work properly".

How to change the masterserver file manually:

Download below MasterServers.vdf file and copy it to the following folders:

C: \ Games \ Counter-Strike \ platform \ config

C: \ Games \ Counter-Strike \ config (if available)

If in the folder is a file with a similar name, eg., MasterServer2.vdf or rev_MasterServers.vdf, they should also be replaced.

How to change the masterserver address manually:

1. Create a copy of the MasterServers.vdf file.

2. Remove the read-only attribute, right-click the file, select "Properties," and then deselect the "Read-Only" box.

3. Open the file with Notepad text editor and you will see something like this:


4. Set the MasterServers.vdf "Read Only" attribute.

To do this, right-click the file, select "Properties," and then select the "Read Only" box.

Counter-Strike 1.6 masterserver cs 1.6 masterserver Counter-Strike 1.6 masterserver

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