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cs 1.6 russian

The original Cs 1.6 russian version appeared from the developers of Valve.

This version is a complete copy of the latest stable Valve update.

Originally the game was in english.

Since the game has been distributed all over the world, it has been translated into many other languages, including russian.

The developed version of the game is based on the original and licensed Counter-Strike 1.6 client.

This CS 1.6 Original russian version is fully russian.

The russian version of Cs 1.6 is a classic version of the game made in Russia, which consists only of original files, completely standard and known russian-language interfaces.

In this version of cs 1.6 , we introduce russian bots, russian voices and russian talks.

The game has the original maps, weapons, player models, running and shooting mechanics.

Everything is configured according to the Valve settings used in Counter-strike 1.6 original game.

The interface and the game is completely russified.

Game features:

Non Steam patch version 44 (Orange Box);

Protocol 47+48;

Include bots with good settings;

Anti cheat;

No ads;

Play online, lan or with bots;

Antivirus tested;

Compatible: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10;

Size: 196 MB (1-3 min to download).

Counter-Strike 1.6 russian cs 1.6 russian Counter-Strike 1.6 russian

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