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Without any doubt, Counter-Strike: Global Offense is one of the best online shooter video games released in 2012.

It only supports Multiplayer mode and comes with several exciting features.

Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment were behind the development of CS: GO. Several playable characters are there and the player requires to choose his character first before jumping into the competition.

According to stats released by Steam, an average of 1 Million players from worldwide play the game.

Nowadays, different marketplaces are floating across the internet dealing with legendary CS: GO weapons, skins, and rare items.

In short, you have an opportunity to earn money if you have lots of rare skins as you can set them on game marketplaces to sell.

Playing an Online First-person Shooter game isn’t a cup of tea that anyone can take without any hassle. It requires a lot of practice, best strategies, and teamwork.

Without teamwork, no one survive longer; therefore, having the best coordination among teammates is mandatory as it increases the chances of your victory.

Apart from that, you may be familiar with the increasing popularity of the Battle Royale genre and the day when PUBG was released. Nowadays, two games such as Fortnite:

Battle Royale and PUBG are ruling over the gaming industry, though later on many other popular games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc.

had introduced the Battle Royale genre in their titles.

Fan-made Conclusion

Developers are continuously working to make 1.6 Counter-Strike better for their users.

Therefore, the release of patch/update brings significant changes to the game, including maps, characters, bug fixes, engine improvements, and more.

With the release of each patch, the gameplay becomes much better and smooth. We have compiled a list of 1.6 Counter-Strike Update Logs to

let you know when patches or updates were released and how the journey of 1.6 Counter-Strike has started.

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