Configuring rates for counter-strike 1.6

Rate (Wraith)-the maximum number of bytes per second of time that the server sends to the client, even packet losses (loss). This value affects the ping in cs, you can experiment with different values to be as convenient as possible for you the delay.

Cl_rate – the maximum limit of bytes per second that your client has the opportunity to send the game server.

Cl_cmdrate – a certain number of times per second that a server lets you know about the actions of our client. That would not have been artificial interference on the line that we can imagine the create cl_cmdrate value should be approximately equal to the value of cl_updaterate.

Cl_updaterate –the same number per second of time that lets you know our customer what is happening on the server. The greater the number of updates we get, so of course we have a better idea of what's going on.

Today, we can safely assume that every citizen of the Lithuanian, Russian federation, Ukraine and Belarus as well, home is no small internet speed for cs 1.6, but quite fast data transfer for online play.

But still there is a generally accepted parameters rates for cs 1.6 you want to pick up.

Medium connection

rate 15000
cl_cmdrate 75
cl_updaterate 75
ex_interp 0.05

Broadband connection

rate 25000
cl_cmdrate 101
cl_updaterate 101
cl_interp 0.01

Broadband connection (STEAM)

rate 100000
cl_cmdrate 102
cl_updaterate 102
ex_interp 0.01

Setting up accurate shooting counter-strike 1.6

To start, adjust fire under the graphics card

ati_npatch "1" [def.]
ati_subdiv "2" [def.]

Default values (1 and 2) these commands are mostly put out by the owners of ATI. The nVIDEA put 0.
If you have these default values, the sens during clamping become substantially less. And if they are "0", then the default and sens control each cartridge.

gl_polyoffset "0.1" [def.]

This command depends on the graphics card. Players with video cards nVIDIA put 0.1 and with ATI-pose 4.
If you put under your card accordingly, shooting more comfortable.

cl_corpsestay "600" [def.]

Commonly used-600, 180, 0. You can yourself experiment. I personally use 240.
Translated as "corpsestay" means "the conservation of the corpse", a value of "0" corpses will disappear almost immediately.
But this setting meets for ' type ' shooting.
When set to "600" scatter default.
A value of "180" scatter less, shoot with digle easier.
A value of "0" the scattering becomes even less shooting at long distances, and harder with deagle shoot very convenient.
0 is the value of using snipers (Markeloff, Fox).

cl_crosshair_size "1" [def.]

There are only three sizes of the sight: "1"-"small", "medium"-"2", "3"-"large".
At a resolution of 640 and dyn 0 sight on the main devices becomes a little plus image (Neo, Delpan).

cl_dynamiccrosshair "1" [def.]

Dynamic sight (if sit down-sight narrows, hop-expanded).
A value of "0" stable sight enshrined. Matter of taste.

cl_dlmax "80" "128" "512 [def.]

For pirated version of cs 1.6: 80 and 128. For licensed version available from cs 1.6: 80 up to 512
This setting is responsible for returning the default position of the sight after impact.

m_filter "0" [def.]

The team is responsible for mouse filtering (smoothing of mouse movements).
If you have a value of "1", then the focus becomes more smooth, digle shoot easier.
Among all the configs I noticed this command only Igor (Markeloff).

hpk_maxsize "4" [def.]

There are two fundamental values are 0 and 4. When "0" fire is scatter and 4 when it is more concise.
Here is a matter of taste, such as cArn f0rest and Gux's cause "0.001".

viewsize "120" [def.]

Most likely it is the most important setting to fit the shooting and spray under the resolution and sight.
Core values-110 and 120. When 110 bullets fly from the top of the sight, while 120 from the center of the sight.
If you knock on the 120 "heads" with the AK, when 110 you have wonderful clip with m4a1.

Configuring video cards and the mouse for Counter-Strike 1.6

Vertical synchronization should be turned off

Vertical synchronization (vsync) means that the footage that renders the game engine, synchronized with the frequency of updates (refresh) of the monitor.

If it is turned off, the game sends a new frame to the monitor at the moment when it considered, regardless of where the electron beam monitor draws a picture on the screen. In this case, the new frame may well begin to be drawn even though from the middle of the screen, because of this characteristic are formed "breaks" pictures that are easy to see, for example, running strejfom about mailbox. When synchronization is enabled, the picture always looks perfect.

But if game "fails" for refresh monitor, it simply skips frames, not disabling them altogether.
So, if for example, your monitor is updated with a frequency of 100 Hz then all will be OK only if the game renders 100 frames per second (100 fps), but worth the fps drop at least 1 frame, the game will throw out 49 of these 99 FPS, waiting for the moment when the monitor starts to render the image with the top line of the screen, and fps drops not up to 99 (not per 1 frame) but before 50 (1/2 of 100, i.e. 49!), then up to 33 (1/3), 25, etc.

Check out very easily. Turn on the counter fps throw before a smoke, runs into it and look ... If your fps drops dramatically, then synchronization is enabled.

Tuning: open the "display properties" > options > "Advanced".

nVIDIA > > enter the bookmark "GeForce xxxx", item "productivity and quality", look for the option "vertical sync", uncheck "managed application" and put "always off".

ATI > > enter the bookmark "3D". Choose "OpenGL", put a tick "special settings", then click "advanced" and select the option "always off"


Updated more frequently than the screen, the less tired eyes and moves more smoothly on the screen. The Windows XP default resets 14.04.2006 VELCOM in the games up to 60 Hz > to fix this bad "features" you must do the following:

NVIDIA > > select "frequency override "(" Refresh Override"), note the "allow" ("enable") and put the opposite "640 * 480 * 800", "600", "1024 * 768" (if the monitor)-100 Hz. For 1024 * 768 can put 85 or another, because not all 14.04.2006 VELCOM monitors support frequency 100 Hz at this resolution. This incidentally, is one of the reasons why the pros rarely play at resolutions higher than 800 * 600.

It is important! This menu item is not always drivers. Firstly, it is not in the old drivers. Secondly, it is not available if the driver version does not match your graphics card. For example, if your computer has a video FX5xxx and your driver is for GeForce 6-th and 7-th series, this item will not be available.

ATI > > enter the monitor properties, "frequency override" set 100 Hz (in this case put one frequency for all permissions). Feature of the ATI drivers is that if you have desktop mode, for example, 1024 * 768 at 85 Hz, then override 14.04.2006 VELCOM is the 100 Hz (i.e. greater frequency than on the desktop) is impossible. Therefore, in this case, temporarily change the permission of backgrounds on 800 * 600, put overrade 100 Hz and you can return the previous regime. In the games will still be 100 Hz.

In addition, there is a universal way of not depends on your video card. You can add a shortcut to run the CS team "-freq 100", and counter-strike 100 Hz mode starts. The only condition is you must, that the system was installed the driver for the monitor. If the driver is missing (your monitor is displayed in the properties screen as standard module connect the monitor). The CS will start in windowed mode. To put the drivers, go here: "display properties" > Options > Advanced > "monitor" > Properties > "driver" > "Refresh"

2) Mouse

Drivers At professional tournaments are used exclusively by standard Windows XP drivers, so that the other computer is configured correctly to be just shouldn't. Acceleration is the acceleration of the mouse movement. Was it invented for convenience of work with the maximum resolution of your desktop. Is the acceleration at that distance that moves the cursor on the screen, and the distance the mouse moves on the mat, involve non-linear. It helps, on the one hand, to perform accurate small movements of the mouse, and on the other, in order to move the cursor from corner to corner, no need to rearrange the mouse several times, enough to move her jerky. If we talk about games, then the quicker we are mice, while the same distance on a rug, so at a greater angle rotates the sight. This feature is very useful in Quake3 shooters and the like, but not in the Cs. Here the main precision to move the sight exactly conformity mouse movement on a carpet. Without this impossible stable accurate shooting "capability" (i.e., jerk, this is especially true of WUAS, although the rest of the weapons are no less), and so virtually all the pros play with acceleration off. In Windows, there is a built-in acceleration that specified in the registry. Off it in two ways: -mousefix. Officially endorsed by the CPL (Cyberathlete Professional League). Makes changes to the Windows registry is activated only after a reboot. -noforce command. Written in the label launch-game cstrike-noforcemaccel-noforcemparms also disable axel, no restart required. Way more simple and convenient, because on the same computer without problems and can play those who disables acceleration and those who play with it. To do this simply creates two shortcuts, one from noforce, the other "normal". Additionally there is a second source of acceleration. Tick "pointer precision" in the properties of the mouse. To completely disconnect the accelerator you should always disable it. Checks whether the disabled acceleration, too easy. Put the mouse on the edge of the rug, gently turn sharply to the right, and then pull the mouse back to the edge, if the sight while ended up to the left of its original position, it means the acceleration is off
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Configure sound in counter-strike 1.6

hisound includes high-quality sound: 1 = 22 kHz, 0 = 11kHz

nosound turns off (1) or enables sound(0)

playvol Volume playback demos

s_2dvolume maximum volume 2d sound (0 - 1)

s_a3d includes (1), off (0) support A3D

s_automax_distance sets the distance for maximum volume

s_automin_distance sets the distance for the minimum volume

s_buffersize 65536 sets the size, in bytes, of the buffer

s_disable_a3d disables the a3d
s_distance 60 in general, the higher the value, the closer the all hear

s_eax includes (1) or disables (0) support EAX

s_enable_a3d activates a3d

s_geometry includes (1) or disables (0) geometric partitioning (a3d 2.0 only)

s_max_distance maximum distance when the player still hears the sounds (s_min_distance-infinity)

s_min_distance minimum distance when the player starts hear sounds (0-s_max_distance)

s_numpolys the number of polygons in a3d processed

s_occfactor permeability of the material.How much material mutes (0-1)

s_refdelay the minimum distance between the sources and the closest reflection

s_verbwet controls the "dryness" sounds ... the higher the value, the more "wet" sound

speak when you are some keywords that you hear through headphones or speakers.

stopsound stops playing the current sound

ambient_fade 100 sets the distance at which the audible "included in the map" sounds such as music on cs_italy

ambient_level sets the volume for embedded sounds (see above)

Practical Setting (microphone)

1.voice_loopback 1-create a server and type in console voice_loopback 1 command. Now say something. What you will hear in the headphones is how you hear the other. Now pick the optimal volume of your voice and the distance from mouth to microphone.

2. voice_scale x-this command sets the volume of the voices of all people.

3.voice_overdrive N-weakens all sounds (shots etc.) N times when someone says. Optimal′naoe value from 1 to 2.

4. voice_overdrivefadetime the time, in seconds, that will operate the effect of weakening the surrounding sounds (see previous command). Optimum

5. voice_maxgain x-smooths the voice speaking. Place from 1 to 5. Experiment online. x-the value to set

6. voic_avggain x-averaging voice wave (noise removal). Set 0.5-0.1. x-the value to set

7. voice_fadeouttime your voice fades. Leave approximately 0.1.

Description of counter-strike:

Best first person shooter. Engage in an incredibly realistic absolutely terrorist or the police. Counter-Strike game development valve best team during games in the world, the first version of this game began in 1999 years, the first game was counter-strike 1.0. Beta in 2000 introduced a new version of counter-strike 1.0 Beta. Cs is there another version 1.5, Condition Zero, Counter-Strike Source. Counter-Strike, starting on the Microsoft platform: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and later versions of Windows platform was named "8". Counter-strike has a lot of cards, better valve maps development was recognized de dust2, de_dust2_2x2, de_inferno, de_dust, de_prodigy, allowed, cs_italy, cs_militia, cs_assault, cs_siege, as_oilrig, cs_max, awp_india, awp_dust, aim_crazyjump, fy_simpsons, fy_pool_day, fy_snow,. Counter-strike there are a lot of guns, pistols collection: USP45, Glock18, Desert Eagle, Sig r228 route, dual Beretta elites and five of seven. Guns: Benelli, M3, Super Benelli, M4, Super 90 and (M1014). Machine Guns: MP5, TMP, P90, MAC-10, the M249 and UMP45. Rifle-weapons: AK-47, SIG SG 550, M4A1.Sniper weapons.: Schimdt Scout, AWP, G3SG/1, SG550 and FAMAS. Counter-strike player always carry a knife. Counter-strike-game aviable buy granades 3 types: flashbang grenade is also known as "FB" blind enemies within six seconds, smoke gas grenades is also known as "SG"-smoky map Wednesday, explosive grenades is also known as "it"-explosive grenades can strike the enemy, or more than one enemy. Counter-strike there are many unofficial mods game servers: Jail Break, CSDM WAR3FT, Zombie Plague with lasers, DeathRun, GunGame, Zombie Plague with lasermines, surfing CSDM, CSDM sentry, zombie GunXP and more. Counter-strike game there is ilegall programs also know as cheats, wallhacks, and more.Cheat codes of programs using bad players also know as losers. Counter-strike no one likes a bully. Admins counter-strike game servers immediately ban cheat programs users. The minimum and recommended requirements for counter-strike version 1.6, 1.7 Ghz processor, single or better. Recommended 3 Ghz or better 512 MB RAM or better. 1 GB DDR Ram or above. DirectX version 8.1 or higher. DirectX version 9 or higher Windows: 95, 98, XP, Vista, 7, 8. Available in 32-bit and 64-bit processor type. Also for great gaming necessary: convenient keyboard and mouse if you want to play with players from around the world required: internet connection 128 Kb or higher.
Counter Strike 1.6 is a first person shooter, is actually the most popular game which was released in 2003, the previous version of counter-strike 1.5! This game is one that makes the team! Have a team to fight terrorists and CT commands to rescue hostages from the terrorist team, in exchange for some money to buy weapons and accessories you can play with bots. Many still use bots to learn the game better. He can play on the internet or with friends in the network (LAN). From here you can download Counter-Strike 1.6 via torrent with much greater speed! Counter-Strike has sold over 10 million copies, which became a huge success for the folks at Valve. Millions of people still play Counter-Strike. Currently, there are more than 100 000000 Counter-Strike 1.6 servers on the internet that only Lithuania, more than 1200, which leads us to believe that this is the most popular shooter! Requirements to play this game are minimal. The old game, virtually any computer with 2005 support this game without any problems and does not occupy much space on your hard drive! Counter-Strike 1.6 (download CS 1.6)-is an abbreviation for half-life as a shooter type game that plays! This version is an original, updated in 2014 against bugs. The most popular game FPS (First Person Shooter), and you will be able to play on the servers of such mods: zombies classic, revived, paintball, football and more. There are 2 teams. Another Contra terror order missions to rescue hostages may be to earn money, you can buy weapons and other accessories that will help you defeat the enemy.

How to increase FPS in counter-strike

Chapter 1.

Of course the low fps do not like anyone. But only a few can increase these notorious frames per second. I'm one of them. What do the rest of? The answer is simple-read this article. It is divided into 3 chapters. Chapter 1 is suitable for all owners computers both old and new. Chapter 2 is suitable for sredneproizvoditel′nyh and old computers. Well, 3 or even for those who have tormented with the lags (like me). I myself struggle with low fps for a long time now.

Item 1. At the beginning you need to download drivers for your graphics card. To find out the model of your video download gpu-z program and see its name. Then download the driver online for your model (from official site). And install them following the instructions.

Item 2. Now you need to configure the installed drivers. Open Control Panel, and then configure your video. And disable vertical sync, as well as anti-aliasing.

Item 3. Visit the Cs put video mode settings and OpenGL.

Chapter 2.

First perform everything described in chapter 1

Item 1. Start crackdown on parts of the computer. If you have nVIDIA graphics card then download the program Riva Tuner and if Ati Radeon then Ati Tray Tools. They find an element of acceleration (or system preferences). How this is done totally online articles, just use search.

Item 2. With the processor. Here everything is much more complicated. There are several ways of acceleration. The first and most popular through the BIOS. When you start your computer, click on the DELETE or F2. On different motherboards different settings (and in english).Here you will help manual for few clicks, gives PhotoFiltre or the same Internet. Also for overclocking the processor, you can use different programs (CPUFSB, ClockGen, CoolFSB, EasyTune), although they may not support your motherboard. The main thing when overclocking your graphics card and processor with caution and moderation.

Item 3. Optimizing OpenGl. Find in the folder WINDOWS/system32 file nvoglnt.dll and copy it to the folder with the game in the division t gldrv now open the notepad file drvmap in the same gldrv and replace its contents with the OpenGl driver gldrv/nvoglnt.dll.

Item 4. In the game settings, change the color quality to 32 bit to 16 bit.

Chapter 3.

Execute the contents of 1 and 2 chapter.

Item 1. Remove the desktop picture and leave as little as possible shortcuts.

Para 2. Open run from the start menu to control panel and system-advanced-performance and select adjust for best performance.

Item 3. Download auslogics BoostSpeed program and conduct a cleaning of the registry, disk defragmenter, registry defrag and optimization services.

Console commands for working with demos

Now a couple of words say about commands when working with demos:

    record command writes a demo, so be sure to specify a file name.

    stop recording demos

    stop demo ceases to play demo

    play demo at normal speed. Now used to play demos of old versions of Cs

    view demo player with adjustable speed and the ability to rewind.

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